Laminate Flooring Installation

  • So their are many aspects of a floor that impact the price, If you have a big square room that has no furniture and no tearout it is going to cost you around  .99 to 1.99 sf depending on the size and layout
  • If you have a big square room that has carpet tearout and furniture moving it will cost you around 1.99-2.99 sf
    • You should always call us with the area you would like a quote on and we can assist you over the phone before having someone come out to your home saving us all time.
  • If you have a kitchen that has tile demo and appliances it will be 10-15.00 psf
  • If you have a hallway  (hallways are the most difficult part of a flooring install due to the transisitons and door ways that it leads to making labor more intense) it will also be 10-15.00 sf
  • Our Laminate packages: we do a offer a package where we do an in home estimate where you will pick your color of hybrid laminate and we measure, see the layout, and give you a package priec including
    • Moving all heavy furniture/appliances, you are responsible for the small things
    • Tearout and disposal of your old flooring
    • Deliver the flooring color you picked along with the transitions, padding, and base boards
    • Install your new hybrid laminate flooring on an advanced aero space padding
    • Upgrade your base boards to 4" victorian style painted semi-gloss white
    • Move furniture/appliances back into place and clean floors
    • This whole package is based on square footage and layout and will cost between 5.00-8.00 per square foot

Carpet installation packages

  • Install only for a square area like a bedroom will be 200.00 minimum and 4.00 per square yard after that
    • materials needed: carpet and padding
  • Stair labor depending on detail will be 200.00-600.00
  • whole house install will be between 3.00-5.00 a square yard depending on difficulty and layout
  • Additional cost would be furniture moving, tearout and disposal, and odd shaped rooms
  • Carpet package price which includes
    • moving heavy furniture
    • delivering one of many colors and styles of carpet you choose from with upgraded padding
    • Tearout and disposal of old flooring
    • Install of new flooring and padding
    • this package cost 14.00-35.00 yard depending on carpet quality

Extra costs (most of these costs are included in our package deals however if you are not purchasing a full package these items may be more.

  • Flooring demo: Although we include carpet tearout and disposal in our packages, these situations could be more costs
    • Linoleum, and glued down commercial carpet could cost between .50-1.15 per square foot.
    • Tile demo can also be quite labor intensive even in the disposal process tile demo = 1.00-2.00 per square foot.
    • Glued down wood can be the most difficult to remove costing between 3.00-6.00 per sf
  • Unlevel floors: there is no way to know how level your foundation will be until we check it with a level after demo this leveling process depends on the severity and floating floors are the best solution for unlevel foundations because of their contouring ability. a typical float is between 50.00-100.00 and the average per house we do is 1-2 floats per house.
  • Base boards: Can cost extra based on the size of the base and the detail of the job base boards need to be painted before and after install and our company offers this to make sure it's done right the first time. The average cost to just do base (not including any tearout) will be 4.00-6.00 per linear foot for 4inch base.
    • bullnosed walls are double the work of a square wall and can cost extra
    • Stairs and drop down areas needing base are also extra cost
  • We stand out because of our attention to detail and would love to help you out with a free estimate just call 661-341-0570  It's that easy!

Can you see the float in this picture?

linoleum demo is much harder than carpet

Deliver can be back breaking

Completed floor Package